Company profile

Since 1983, with now 5 locations and more than 250 employees is one KUROTEC-KTS now one of the leading manufacturers of pipes, fittings and vessels build with fiberglass-reinforced plastics. Around the world, many engineers work with products from KUROTEC-KTS.

KUROTEC-KTS is making every effort to provide its customers in every situation a maximum and personalized service.

The production of GRP pipes and vessels for corrosive media is the daily business of KUROTEC-KTS. The safe control of critical substances by responsible thinking and acting is the top priority of all our employees. Every order is monitored up to final acceptance by our quality assurance department. From the design, calculation, production, delivery and installation to after-sale service is an integrated organization. We are providing a 24 hour service, which is under the premise of customer benefits.

To respond quickly and flexibly to a customer request, we have always experienced fitters, technicals and engineers available. Allow employees are well trained on the last technical requirements.