Key data

KUROTEC-KTS was founded in year 1983 in Stade. Over the years, continues to expand, so that a production area of around 14,000m² and a storage area of approximately 8000m² in 6 locations and a total of 250 employees in Europe, is available.

Our branches are distributed in strategic locations in Germany, Poland and Bulgaria, which allows us to react quickly and effectively to customer requirements within the shortest time.

Kurotec-KTS Group



Our annual output amounts to 1000-1500t per year distributed over the entire KUROTEC group. KUROTEC-KTS has in recent years consistently a cumulated turnover of € 35 million per year with a share capital of € 1.63 million.

Our site in Stade contains our head office, where among other things, our project management, sale and complete engineering part is handled.

Company structure