KUROTEC-KTS manufactures GRP pipes and fittings from diameter 25 to 8000 mm with all available polyester and vinyl ester resins.
We also produce and install fiberglass composites such as PE, PP, PVDF, E-CTFE, PFA, MFA and FEP.

A maximum safety and corrosion resistance to abrasive and aggressive media are required, the different plastics play the first role. All plastics are based on your diverse and different corrosion resistance, particularly for use in a chemical industrial environment.

Our production is carried out in accordance with DIN 16965 for pipe type A, B, D and E, according to DIN 16966, according to customer specifications and according KUROTEC-KTS manufacturing standards. We are manufacturing exclusively in manual winding process to guarantee the high standard for your plant.

The entire order processing is continuously monitored through our own quality assurance and is also frequently observed by the notified body TUEV Sued.

The construction of pipes and fittings, the materials and the processing of the projection and the long experience of KUROTEC-KTS is our guarantee for our customers.

KUROTEC-KTS works in a position with a variety of plastics, which is occupied by various methods sustainably tests (AD2000 and PED).

Talk to us on the different possibilities and fields of application like to.